Social projects and charity auctions

Bernadette repeatedly gets involved with social projects ad charity auctions. For example, at the autumn elite auction in Vechta in 2013, she bought the mini Shetland foal Balisto for a good cause. The € 8,000 she paid for the small pinto stallion was used entirely for the benefit of World Hunger Aid.

In 2015 she also, for € 28,000, purchased at the Spring Elite Auction in Vechta the then three-year old mare Help for Africa (Bretton Woods)/Fürst Heinrich – the proceeds were given to the association “Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V.” (Partnership for Africa, registered association). A win/win situation, as the dressage rider explained: “A good deed for the children in Africa and a beautiful bride for my stallion Spirit of the Age OLD.” The charity mare was simultaneously paired with Brune’s top sire.

Charity action - foal auction

Bernadette also engaged in the opening ceremony of the stud with a charity auction. Thus the minishettyfoal of the breeding farm of Ammerland, donated by Roswitha Gensch-Janssen, was auctioned for a good cause at the gala evening. All donations and the proceeds of the foal are for the "horses for our children" campaign and for the association "Partnership for Africa e.V.". In total, nearly 10,000 euros have been donated.

Opening ceremony - gala evening

At the inauguration weekend of the stud belonged also the gala evening on 13.05.17 with about 150 invited guests. The stud was officially opened, several stud faoals were presented and the stallions Kasimir TSF and Spirit of the Age OLD were presented.

On the evening of the gala, a charity auction brought together nearly 10,000 donations for the good cause, among other things, the minishettyfoal was auctioned by the breeding company Ammerland.

Opening Ceremony - Open-door day

Very big was the onslaught at the "Open-door day" at the stud farm. Over 10,000 visitors were able to learn about the breeding, training and care of the horses.

In addition to stud guides, there was a great show program in cooperation with associations from Ammerland with presentations of the sales horses, stud foals and an explanation of the horsemanship. At the end of the day, Bernadette also presented her world cup freestyle with Spirit of the Age OLD.